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March to June

Dusk on the river tiny Tall water background tiny copy Streams in the desert Stained glass clear thumbnail copy Lazarus-thumbnail-2

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Palm-Sunday-thumbnail Palm Sunday Passover procession

The art behind the thoughts ~ the thoughts behind the art

Martha, and others, at Lazarus' tomb

These sometimes abstract pictures try to depict the emotions behind the stories.

Water and sand Easter-2-thumbnail Atmosphere suddenly electrified Road-to-Emmaus-thumbnail-re ...depression, weariness... Sheep-at-night-thumbnail ...sheep gathered together for the night Pentecost Pentecos tthumbnail copy copy Wisteria leaves thumbnail Bright, interlacing energies, angels & spirits Background-for-Fear-thumbna Not being able to see the wood for the trees Sermon-background Sermon-background

July & August

Furrows-for-sermon-normal-s Ploughed furrows Stony ground resize thumbnail Stony ground resize thumbnail Wheat and weeds copy Wheat and weeds copy Blob-slimebubblesthumbnail Bubbles in dough - people in a crowd Background-loaves-&-fishes Background-loaves-&-fishes Stained-glass-Galilee-thumb Walking on water Pine tree reflection thumbnail Pine tree reflection thumbnail Cross-keys-on-rock-thumb Cross-keys-on-rock-standard

September & October

Backrnd tax thumb Background taxcollectors standard vines-thumb Caesar's coins thumb Beech-trees-in-the-wind Beech-trees-in-the-wind

November & December

Saints-at-Clippesby-thumb Talents-thumb Sheep-and-goats-thumb Fear-not-stained-glass Desert---thumb--tiny Barren desert wilderness,darkness Monastery-story-thumb Candle in Clippesby Church Mary-kneeling-thumb Weeping-willow-little-thumb Weeping-willow-larger

Thoughts and images March ~ December 2014