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Dani;s Christening 2

Special Services ~ Christenings & Harvest


christening-2-resize christening-and-fathers-day Christening-Aug-2014 2014-09-Harvest-decorations 2014-09-27-Font-lid 2014-09-27Decorated-window- 2014-09-Harvest-window-rece 2014-09-Harvest-window-sill Rope window baptism Font-decorated-for-harvest Noah's Christening 2016

Rev Sandy baptising little Blossom in the 15th century font at St. Peter's Church Clippesby. It has winged angels carved into its bowl

The godparents, and father Ben, surrounding the Rector the Rev Karen and Noah's mother Kaye after Noah's baptism in Clippesby's ancient font.  Godmother Hannah was herself christened in this font as a baby.


September Harvest Festival, 2014

Our recessed windows lend themselves

beautifully to festive arrangements

The Font and

font lid

Dani's Christening 3 Dani's Christening 1 Harvest altar arrangement Fran's confirmation

Bishop Alan came to Martham to confirm Alan, Milenia & Fran. They are pictured right with their confirmation candles alight. It was a very happy service with joyful singing led by Howard and the Benefice choir. Refreshments were served in St Mary's after the service.

Sadly our Rector, Karen, who had prepared the three for their confirmation, was unable to be present.



Christening Sidney Bidell 2 Christening Sidney Bidell 3 Christening Sidney Bidell

The Rural Dean, Revd. John Kinchin-Smith, on his first visit to St. Peter's Church. He came to admit Jean into the office of Churchwarden for Clippesby for 2017. This is an annual event,  as a warden is only admitted to serve for one year and their vows have to be renewed each year they ar elected to serve.

Also present were 3 members of the PCC (Sara, Jane & Rachael) and friends Brenda & Terry MacWeeney.

Sydney Marjorie Ivy being christened by Revd.  Sandy watched by her brother Charles Archie  who had also been baptised in the same ancient font 2 years ago.

Thebaptismal entries are in the historic Parish Register which dates from 1813  when parishes had first to separately register    Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals

instead of putting them all in the  same book.

Daniella being baptised by our Rector, Revd. Karen with the Revd.  Sandy in attendance as Dani's sponsor.  Dani had attended Confirmation classes but because she was about to go travelling she would not be here for Confirmation.

Revd. Sandy with the parents and godmother of Charles Archie at his Christening

IMG_4414 IMG_4370 IMG_4415

The Christening of Ezra Simon Clarke


Young Noah and his parents brought baby brother Ezra to be Christened by Revd Sandy in Clippesby Church, just like Noah had been two years before.

It was a lovely gathering of mostly young people, with children and babies, all welcoming Ezra into the fellowship of Christ's Church and promising to support him throughout his life.

     August 5th

Isaiah's Christening in Clippesby Church 22.4.18 Iaiah's Christening 22nd April 2018

Christening of baby Isaiah John in the ancient font of St. Peter's Church, Clippesby.


The family, friends, parents and godparents gathered together in Clippesby Church to witness the Revd. Sandy Mitchell baptising Isaiah in the font that has been used to christen Clippesby children (and adults) for over five hundred years.

April 30th 2018