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Clippesby Hall Nurseries

        & Garden Centre

A selection of the photos on display at the Harvest of a Quiet Eye exhibition, October 2016

Bealsie's retirement 2 20161001130943_03 Before Xmas trees & camping Daffodil crop Daffs in the field Cyclamen 11 block Jean picking tulips in 4 block Garden centre Picking tulips Nursery Staff 3 Tulips in kitchen garden aerial view 1966 2016-10-30 15.52.29 Norf Friedric283 Norf Friedric289

The Clippesby Nurseries staff  - plus Yvonne, Baby Martin & dogs - in 1958 with the old packing shed on the right of the picture.

Back row: Bill Simmonds, Tony Carter, Tommy Wright, Sid Grimmer.

Middle row: Bert Sexton, Keith Litten, Maudie Hudson,  Yvonne McCarthy, Dorothy Davey,MarjorieApplegate, Iris Piggin.

Front row: Shandy, Esther Ward, Elsie Woods, Florrie Grimmer, Mrs.Balls, Ethel (?),  ?. . . . ,Phyllis Bland, Toughy.

This aerial photo from 1966 shows in the foreground part of the Great Buxkyn Plantation and Clippesby Hall with the walled garden. In the background is Mr H. Showell's fruit orchard.