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Historical Documents

Clippesby Ch Domesday 1153 Document 1 re Mr. John Nevinson, rector Miscellaneous-Historical-Nu Norfolk Quarter Sessions 1650 From "The Land of the Broads" 1895

Miscellaneous Historical Nuggets

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Letters from Henry Muskett in 1876 appealing for funds to build a Parsonage House.

Copied from the originals by Miss C.J. Muskett in 1994.

Letter giving details of his personal expenditure on

the Parsonage House and the church fabric, 1879.

Letter protesting about the amount

of Land Tax he is being charged.

Old descriptions

4608501847_247x174.jpg The Rectory, Clippesby

The "Small Rectory" referred to...

Clippesby Parish Room

The Opening of the Clippesby Parish Room

Rev'd Rivett at the doorway of the Clippesby Parish Room

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Tithe-map-1838 Old Clippesby010

Maps of the Old Hall area, as it

changed over 150 years.


Photos of theHall, then and now here

Old-Clippesby012 Old-Clippesby009 Basil's-Bible Basil's-Bible-1st-page Jane's Christening card resize

Basil Ransome brought in this little bible to show us.  It is about 4 inches high and was presented to him at the Clippesby Sunday School when he was a child of 4, by the Rev. Simnett Davies.            Dated 12th May, 1937.

Especially for this section we would be very grateful to borrow archive material (photos, cuttings, letters) for scanning, so that we can present an interesting record of the area of Clippesby through the ages.    Anything you can lend us would be taken great care of, and returned very promptly.

Have you any historical documents, books or artefacts you would care to share with us?  Please get in touch!

Baptism Certificate 1966

and other articles of historical interest

IMG_0388 IMG_0385 IMG_0390 IMG_0383 IMG_0393

These mugs were presented to all Fleggburgh schoolchildren  by Jean Lindsay's father, at the time of the Qheen's Coronation 2nd June 1953

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II 2nd June 1953