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March 1st and the "Beast from the East".

Photos by Ben who was out in the icy blast helping

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A Walk in the Snow.


Ben took some of the above photos on Tuesday morning with seemingly the whole world to himself.  Ben said there was no-one else around and it was so bleak and so cold that had anyone got into trouble they wouldn't survive for very long; he felt that it was unreal just like he was in a film. Later in the day when he went out again he encountered Jim Trigg-Dudley on his tractor which they hitched up to help a lorry that had got stuck on the B1152.


There has been quite a 'Dunkirk Spirit' in evidence in this emergency and farmers have brought out their tractors and heavy machinery to clear the main roads of snow and to rescue vehicles queued up and unable to move.

A-way-through-if-you-dare-- Self-help-on-the-Main-Road Self-help-in-the-snow-of-19 Snow-in-Hall-Lane-1985

Flashbacks to:       1   Hall Lane 1930s

                                  2  & 3   B1152 in 1985

                                  4   Hall  Lane  in 1985


2  &  3