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Thoughts, Sermons & Homilies, 2017

Three wise men

8th (1st of Epiphany)


John points to Jesus from afar

15th ( 2nd of Epiphany)

Iris 1 (faith)

22nd (3rd of Epiphany)

Glory revealed mountain small

29th (4th of Epiphany)


Light of the world 4

5th (4th before Lent)

Forgiveness 1

12th (3rd before Lent)

Transfiguration 4

Sunday next before Lent


Nicodemus 3 straightened

12th (2nd Sunday of Lent)

Samaritan woman L crop

19th (3rd Sunday ofLent)

Capture Mother & Child 2

26th (4th Sunday in Lent)


2nd (5th Sunday of Lent)

Lazarus 1 Capture Palm Sunday Cross copy

Palm Sunday

There was no sermon this week

Easter Sunday 2

16th (Easter Sunday)

Capture Risen Jesus heart shape copy Upper room, Jesus & Thomas

23rd April

Good shepherd Plockhorst Good shepherd Plockhorst


7th May (Fourth after



30th  (Third of Easter)

14th May (Fifth Sunday of Easter)

I am the way thumbnailcopy You will not be orphaned 4

21st May (6th Sunday of Easter)

Ascension 5

28th May (Ascension Sunday)

Pentecost 3

4th June (Pentecost)


Trinity 2017 thumb

11th June (Trinity)

Compassion 2

18th (1st after Trinity)

Peter being corrected by Paul

25th (St.Peter)

(2nd after Trinity)



2nd July (3rd after Trinity)

Jesus as guide 2

9th July (4th after Trinity)

Listening 1

16th July (5th after Trinity)

Wheat & weeds 8

23rd July (6th after Trinity)

Walking on Water GB Tiepolo (1768-70)


13th August (9th after Trinity)

Canaanite woman 1

20th August (10th after Trinity)

Who do you say 2

27th August ( 11th after Trinity)

Stepping stones 2 copy


3rd September

(12th after Trinity)

Interconnectedness 4 inverted copy

10th September (13th after Trinity)

Forgive how many times 1

17th September

(14th after Trinity)

Workers in the vineyard 4

24th September

(15th after Trinity)

Render to Caesar - Rubens


22nd October (19th Sunday after Trinity)

Phylacteries 1

29th October (Last Sunday after Trinity)

5th November  (All Saints)


Beatitudes 1 Remembrance 04

12th November (Remembrance Sunday)

19th November

("Stir Up Sunday")

Stir up Sunday

December 2017

3rd December (Advent Sunday)

Advent 1st week candle John the Baptist

10th December  (2nd Sunday in Advent)

advent candle 3 copy

17th December (3rd Sunday in Advent)

The greates story ever told

31st December ( 1st

Sunday of Christmas)