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Thoughts, Sermons and Homilies 2018

January 2018

John points to Jesus from afar

7th January 2018 (2nd Sunday of Epiphany)

14th January  (Epiphany 2)

Fig tree Water into wine 3

21st January (Epiphany 3)

Candlemas 2

28th January, (Epiphany 4)

Light thru cracked pot 1

February 2018

4th February (2nd before Lent)

Transfiguration 1 Carl Heinrich Bloch

11th February (Sunday next before Lent)

Wilderness thumb

18th February (1st Sunday of Lent)

March 2018

Clearing the Temple 1

4th March (3rd Sunday of Lent)

Mother Church, Norsich Cathedral 2

11th March (Mothering Sunday)

Wheat Sower with setting sun

18th March (5th Sunday of Lent).

Entry into Jerusalem 3

25th March (Palm Sunday)

April 2018

A. Fleming empty tomb 1

1st April ( Easter Sunday)

Upper room 03

8th April (First after Easter)

Upper room 01

15th April (2nd after Easter)

Healing the lame man 01

22nd April (3rd after Easter)

Philip & the Eunuch cropped

29th April (4th after Easter)

Puppy - I am chosen

6th May (5th after Easter)

May 2018

Ascension 1

13th May (7th after Easter)

Pentecost 1

20th May

Trinity Sunday 1

27th May (Trinity Sunday)

June 2018

Relaxation 2

3rd June (1st after Trinity)

Jesus' parents in the temple

10th June (2nd after Trinity)

Jesus sleepin in the boat

24th June (4th after Trinity)

30th June (5th after Trinity)

Woman touching Jesus' Hem 2

July 2018


15th July (7th after Trinity)

Honey bee 2

22nd July   (8th after Trinity)

Loaves and fishe thumb

29th July (9th after Trinity)

Elijah, gloom

August 2018

12th August (11th after Trinity)

Bred & wine

26th August (13th after Trinity)

Harvest fruits

16th September (Harvest)

September 2018

Servant leader 2

23rd September (17th after Trinity)

30th September (18th after Trinity)

Inclusivity thumb

October 2018

7th October (19th after Trinity)

Adam & Eve Rubens James & John Who is the greatest

21st October (21st after Trinity)

28th October (22nd after Trinity)


November 2018

4th November

11th November (Remembrance)

Sunset love2 Remembrance poppy 2 Christ the King  main

25th November (Christ the King)

Advent star 3

16th December (3rdSunday in Advent)

December 2018

Elisabeth visits mary 1

23rd December (4th Sunday in Advent)

Annunciation Fra Angelico

24th December (Midnigbt Service)

Christmas Love

25th December (Christmas Morning)